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Lionel Racing gives collectors the opportunity to acquire the most collectible die-cast in motorsports –cars that have been signed by the driver who made them famous.

Why are autographed die-cast so collectible? These signed cars give fans the chance to personalize their collection with one of the most coveted of all mementos – a legitimate signature from a motorsports star. These die-cast are also sold in limited production runs, which adds to the collectability of these exciting cars.

Each 1:24 scale NASCAR die-cast is signed on the windshield, typically in silver metallic ink. This makes the signature bold and more legible. Black ink is hard to see on a windshield and the metallic ink gives contrast to a darker background. Also, when signed in silver, the signature doesn’t fade as easily.

Because of the shape and dimensions of the cars, NHRA die-cast from Lionel Racing may be signed on the hood in an ink color that contrasts with the car’s paint scheme.

When purchasing an autographed car, authenticity is one of the most important factors to consider. At Lionel Racing we take the necessary steps to authenticate each autograph. Enclosed with each autographed die-cast is a Certificate of Authenticity that states the car has been personally signed by the driver, team owner, or crew chief.

In most cases, a member of the Lionel Racing team is present when a driver signs die-cast and photographs are taken and shared via our social media channels. This lets fans in on a behind-the-scenes moment with a driver and also proves that the autographed die-cast they’re receiving is the real deal!